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#11: 17 Again

January 30, 2011

So what’s it about?: A grown man gets a second chance at high school and all the chaos that ensues there when he wakes up to realize he’s 17 Again!

The Good: Okay, so this may be 13 Going on 30 reversed (which is really just Big with different genders…) but it’s still a fun, funny film and an entertaining 90 minutes.  And Zac Efron does a good job breaking out from the musical genre and stepping into this comedy.  Now if only he could stay away from those soapy teen dramas…. –cough- Charlie St. Cloud –cough-.

The Bad: So, yes, this does get a bit over-the-top, cheesy and predictable, but, hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you want in a film!

The Verdict: If you want some a nice, fluffy comedy than this is a respectable pick.


#3: Repo! The Genetic Opera

January 13, 2011

So what’s it about?: In a future world where organ replacement is the next big fad, chaos ensues around the company who produces the organs, the man hired to reposess the organs, and one whiny, useless girl who was thrown into the mix.

The Good: Um… making it gothic was kind of cool.  And casting Paris Hilton as an heiress addicted to surgery was, um, inspired?  And there was a really cool prologue done entirely with comic book frames.

The Bad: This is the biggest mess of a musical I’ve ever seen in my life.  The plot was all over the place.  The music sounded like it was composed by kindergartners trying to play heavy metal songs on pots and pans (scratch that, that probably would have been an improvement).  And note to casting directors, if you are going to cast a musical, it helps if the cast can sing, but at the very least they need to be able to act!  Unfortunately this cast could do neither.

The Verdict: Okay, sure, if you really like gothic, cult films and music with no melody whatsoever, watch this film.  Otherwise, go listen to an elementary school orchestra, because even that would be less painful on the ears than this god awful film.


#44: Blade Runner

November 8, 2009

bladerunnerSo… I finally got watched past the first 10 minutes of Blade Runner.  So, yeah, I guess I can officially call myself a sci-fi fan without having to bow my head in shame.  And for the record I watched the original theatrical version (because it’s the one available to stream on Netflix).

So what’s it about?: In a future LA, a group of illegal “replicants” is on the lose, and one kind of retired Blade Runner must “retire” them.  Slowly and surely, some chaos ensues.

The Good: For a movie set 10 years from today, it seems surprisingly realistic.  Okay, so LA isn’t going to magically start looking like Tokyo and NYC got together and had a decrepit and mutilated baby in 10 years time.  But a world where the street lingo is a mish mash of multiple languages, the billboards are all animated light displays, and advances in bioengineering are astoundingly realistic is not so far off!  And, hey, if you ever go to LA Live, you know the second one has already happened!  So as far as futuristic worlds go, this one is remarkable one of the most realistic.

The Bad: This film was kind of slow.  Okay, yeah, there’s pretty much a general consensus on that.  But not only was it slow, but in the end I cared about a total of none of the characters, which made it that much slower.  As for the plot, there were seemingly important items that were never addressed (or else I just stopped paying attention out of sheer boredom).  And a movie about a group of seemingly bad people/androids that are constantly discriminated against turn out to be kind of okay?  How freaking original!  And that voice over was absolutely laughably bad.  Seriously, did Harrison Ford forget how to act?

The Verdict: Watch it.  Because apparently people like this film, but honestly I would watch the director’s cut because apparently people like it more.

Okay, so after a little research it turns out the Director’s Cut doesn’t have the cheesy voice over.  This may actually significantly improve the film.  I may have to watch the final version… though it probably won’t happen till 2019.


#37: Primer

November 1, 2009

primerSo what’s it about?: A couple of friends unlock the secret to time travel in their garage.  As they experiment with new found technology, chaos ensues.

The Good: If Time Traveler’s Wife is the stupidest film about time travel, then Primer is hands down the smartest.  This was the first film that actually made me feel time travel is possible.  The script is undoubtedly genius.

The Bad: This film is a low budget indie film, and it shows.  The acting is lacking.  The camera shots are in the vein of we-have-to-make-this-interesting-so-let’s-chose-the-weirdest-angle-possible.  And the story gets to be a little confusing at times, and in places it shouldn’t be.  The characters just all begin to run together to where it becomes a major detriment.  In the end, though, this seemed like a really smart film student project.  And maybe that’s all it was.  But it really could have been a lot more.

The Verdict: I usually don’t like remakes, but this story is ripe for the taking.  Should a studio pick it up and do it right, this movie could be fan-freaking-tastic.  In the meantime, I still recommend the film for the story alone, because it’s really, really good.


#20: The Time Traveler’s Wife

October 5, 2009

timetravelerswifeSo, recently I ended my job at the movie theatre and moved to sunny California, because where else should a movie buff in training live?  Hollywood, right!  And my last free movie at my old theatre was this gem.

So what’s it about?: A guy has a genetic defect that causes him to jump through time involuntarily.  Naturally, he has to go fall in love, so him and his wife attempt to lead a normal while he’s jumping back and forth through time.  Chaos naturally ensues.

The Good: Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams.  Need I say more?

The Bad: What a spectacularly sappy piece of crap.  It’s like some romantic attempted to understand an entirely nerdy concept such as time travel and ended up looking like a fool.  Frankly, I couldn’t take any of this movie seriously because it broke so many time travel paradoxes.  Not to mention the ending is lame.  And the drama seems contrived.

The Verdict: Maybe the book’s better (what am I saying, OF COURSE the book is better!) so go check that out instead.  Frankly, unless you really like sappy romantic dramas with a sci-fi twist, stay far, far away from this mess of a film!