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#12: The Hangover

January 30, 2011

Yes, I did watch this hungover.

So what’s it about?: Three guys wake up in Vegas after a crazy bachelor party having lost the groom and all of their memories of the chaos that ensued the previous night!

The Good: This movie is both hilarious and amazingly well structured.  And of course has the key ingredients of any classic raunchy comedy: 1 part quotable one-liners, 1 part hilarious pratfalls, and 1 part actual plot.  Not to mention the comedic combination of Zach Galifinakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper is just inspired and GOLDEN.

The Bad: After watching it again, parts of this film do drag on a bit, but only to pick right back up again!

The Verdict: One of the classic comedies of a generation.  This is one of those films people will still be watching, and still be trying to copy, for years to come.  Do yourself a favor and watch it.


#51: American Pie Presents: Beta House

November 28, 2009

So what’s it about?: The same Stifler cousins and side kicks from Naked Mile are back for more ensuing overblown raunchy frat house chaos.

The Good: This movie is better than Naked Mile in that it’s not only funnier but it also is a little more true to the spirit of the original American Pie trilogy.   In other words, it felt like it belonged.   And it was nice to see a returning cast of characters.   Not to mention the most sexual characters were overweight in a refreshingly non-mocking way and one was female, which like never happens in raunchy teen comedies!

The Bad: Well, it is a direct-to-video movie and it has the quality of a direct-to-video movie.  Most of the plot is taken from better, funnier movies and some of the jokes just fall flat.

The Verdict: Great for a late night drunken movie in college or to hold all you GrΣΣk fans over till the new season starts.


#50: American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

November 26, 2009

Okay, so I figured I’d seen the first four, I might as well finish the franchise, right?

So what’s it about?: Another Stifler who just so happens to be a high school virgin gets a guilt free pass from his girlfriend as he goes visits his college cousin in time for the Naked Mile.  Oh, yeah, and chaos ensues.

The Good: Well, it’s sufficiently funny and entertaining, and for a direct-to-video movie labelled under one of the raunchiest teen comedy franchises to date it’s not half bad.  And the characters are definitely a step up from those in Band Camp (which is probably why these were brought back for film 6).  Oh, and this wins for probably the only film that depicts a little person as sexy, so props.

The Bad: Um… how many Stiflers are there?  Were the other characters just not cool enough to have a never ending supply of cousins?  And the whole thing was reused.  The characters, the plot, nothing was original.

The Verdict: A fun film, but nothing more than that.


#28: Sex Drive

October 19, 2009

1 SHEET MASTER (CTP READY)So, based on my ratings, Netflix told me I would like this movie, but they were only streaming the unrated version.  I was warned by the filmmakers to not watch this version if I’d never seen the movie, but nevertheless I didn’t listen and watched anyway.

So what’s it about?: Your typical socially stunted, recent high school graduate sets out on a mission to lose his virginity to some chick he met on the internet.  With the help of his trusty sidekicks and a quirky gang of supporting characters, chaos ensues.

The Good: This is probably the funniest unrated-for-the-sake-of-being-unrated movie I’ve ever seen.  From the intro by the filmmakers to the ridiculous insertion of nudity throughout the film to the insertion of outtakes.  It added this whole new level of quirk that really made a somewhat typical R-rated teen comedy become something totally awesome.  Mad props to the filmmakers for that one.  And Seth Green continues to prove how awesome he is.

The Bad: Even with the added unrated charm, this movie is still your typical teen comedy where being a virgin is the ultimate sin and getting from one place to another is naturally going to end in havoc.

The Verdict: Think Eurotrip meets Some Kind of Wonderful meets American Pie.  And if you’re easily offended by nudity, try to get the theatrical version!  But def worth seeing.