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#7: Blue Valentine

January 14, 2011

First film in theaters!  Followed by many more to come.

So what’s it about?: Split between their present and the much more blissful past, Blue Valentine chronicles a single couple as chaos ensues to bring them together and tear them apart.

The Good: Many films in recent times have been about couples breaking up, because movies about finding Happily Ever After just aren’t cool anymore.  But this is by far the most heartbreaking, realistic of them all, especially with the pitch perfect acting from both Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

The Bad: Yeah, so it’s a good film, but the problem with the sad, realistic films is that they don’t have a rewatchability factor.  Because at the end, you kind of just feel shitty and jaded and there’s no point in the film where upon exiting the theater you think to yourself “OMG, I loved that part!  I really want to see it again!”  And that’s what helps to make a good film into a great film.

The Verdict: Yes, this is the most heartbreaking break-up film I’ve ever seen, but let’s be honest, (500) Days of Summer did the break up better, and made you feel good in the end.


#79: The Edge of Darkness

March 8, 2010

Sadly, this will forever be remembered as the movie my purse was stolen from…

So what’s it about?: A cop’s daughter comes to visit him only to be shot on his doorstep, ensuing a flood of secrets and chaos.

The Good: This was actually a pretty interesting movie, with moments of complete and utter thrills at the beginning and near the end.  And Mel Gibson was actually okay in this.

The Bad: The beginning and end may have had thrills, but you could have taken an hour long nap in the middle.  And sadly, they tried to make it too political near the end and it just fell flat in a way.

The Verdict: A few jumps, but in the end kind of forgettable.


#78: Legion

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: An angel falls from heaven and protects a diner from the choas ensued by God’s wrath.

The Good: Movies about religion are just cool, let’s face it, and that does not exclude Legion.  And the action sequences and tension is pretty awesome.

The Bad: Yeah, the religious undertones and action is pretty cool, but be warned, this movie has next to no storyline and some of the acting is just god awful.  And some of the cinematography had me in tears it was so hilarious.

The Verdict: A fun ride, but not much there.


#77: It’s Complicated

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: Love forms a triangle, chaos ensues, and it gets a little complicated.

The Good: John Krasinski should be arrested for stealing this film.  He was HILARIOUS and frankly the funniest part of this movie.  But to give the movie credit, it did have a couple genuine laughs.

The Bad: For a comedy, this movie was kind of depressing.  I mean, you know in any movie about a love triangle (which, lets face it, is every rom-com ever) you know someone is going to get hurt, but they usually don’t have you rooting for all three characters!  Sadly, there just wasn’t enough funny to pull of the dramatic aspect without feeling a little depressed.  (500) Days of Summer pulled off the balance, It’s Complicated did not.

The Verdict: Forget this movie, lets just have an actually funny comedy with just John Krasinski.  Now that would be worth watching.


#76: Youth In Revolt

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: In an effort to win the girl of his dreams, a boy creates his rebellious altar ego and ends up ensuing some crazy chaos.

The Good: Michael Cera as Nick Twisp?  Same old adorkable Michael Cera.  Michael Cera as Francois Dillinger?  HILARIOUS!  Seriously, this movie needed more Francois.  And Portia Doubleday got to wear the cutest dresses ever!

The Bad: Sadly Francois was the only good part about this movie, and like I said, there wasn’t enough of him.  The rest of the movie was a big meh.  In the end, I didn’t really care if Nick got the girl, because frankly I just didn’t care about the movie.  Ah well.

The Verdict: Don’t even bother.  But, hey, it’s nice to know Michael Cera can do something other than play himself.


#75: The Book of Eli

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: In a post-apocalyptic world, the ultimate bad-ass is attempting to transport the last remaining Bible to the West and to safety from the chaos its existence ensues.

The Good: Denzel Washington is a bad-ass.  And Gary Oldman equally bad-ass.  So putting them in this movie together is a winning combination.  The action sequences are awesome, the end is pretty cool, and this movie makes you want to start saving hand wipes.

The Bad: How did Mila Kunis get into this film?  That and the middle of this movie was sooooo sloooooooooow.  But at least the pay off was worth it!

The Verdict: If you’ve been spoiled on this movie, then I’m sorry to say but there really is no point waiting through the movie.  But, if you haven’t seen it, and you don’t know what happens, then go rent it!


#74: Daybreakers

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: In a world run by vampires, humans are an endangered species, causing a mass food shortage and ensuing chaos.

The Good: In a world where vampires have become brooding sparkle fairies it’s nice to see them return to their ruthless blood sucking roots.  And this was not a bad film by any means.  It looked cool and the story was cool and the gore was cool.  And while it definitely could have easily gone down that direction, the climax did not depend on any developing romance, which was refreshing.

The Bad: Maybe a little over dramatic at times, and maybe a little funny at times when it shouldn’t have been.  But for a January film it was everything it needed to be: entertaining and original enough.  Too bad the poster is lame.

The Verdict: For any fan of vampires, this is a must see.