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#10: Stardust

January 18, 2011

So what’s it about?: A boy goes into the magical land across the wall on a quest to bring a falling star to his dream girl.  Chaos ensues… with witches, pirates and princes!

The Good: It’s really refreshing to see a kid’s live action adventure flick that has heart and a story rather than a bunch of immature jokes and incredibly painful overacting.

The Bad: There’s A LOT going on in this film.  Our main hero, on his journey, meets so many characters with their own sub-plot lines that after a while it can be a little much to take in.  On the other hand, this film jumps around a lot, so it’s perfect if you have a short attention span!

The Verdict: While not nearly as great as the family films of the 80s (Gotta love some Princess Bride, Neverending Story, etc.) it’s still a great live action adventure fun for the whole family, and definitely one of the best of the last decade!  Worth a view for sure.


#9: Sunshine Cleaning

August 27, 2009

sunshineOkay, so in yesterday’s post I mentioned seeing a slew of chick flicks and kid movies today.  Thankfully, I changed my plans and no such thing happened.  Instead, I did the unthinkable and discovered the greatest thing on earth: redbox movie rentals!  That’s right, I actually rented a movie today!  But, frankly, when I passed the redbox in the market and saw Sunshine Cleaning for only $1, how could I refuse?

So what’s it about?: Two sisters decide to start a business together cleaning up after dead people.  Chaos ensues with their lives and their business.

The Good: The main biggie that makes this movie amazing from the get go is the cast.  Amy Adams and Emily Blunt with Alan Arkin?  How could you go wrong?  I mean really?  But it only gets better from there.  This movie makes you actually feel something, which is such a great contrast to the last movie I watched.  And while these characters were as fictional as My Little Ponies, you actually felt as if they were more real than the real life characters of Hollywoodland.  But the greatest part of this film is how it sucks you in.  After the first scene you are already hooked, and that to me is the second most important part of the film.  The first being a good ending.  Because nothing can ruin a movie faster than a crappy ending (case in point: Collateral).  And this film not only had both, but kept stringing you along all through the middle with no gimics, no special effects, no contrived scenarios.  And after this film and Little Miss Sunshine I officially want Alan Arkin to be my grandfather, because he is awesome.

The Bad: Um?  It had to end?  Okay, I guess if I had to pick something it’d be… um… the whole plotline with Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character, because it didn’t really seem to fit except to give Emily Blunt’s character a little more meat to it.

The Verdict: If you’re willing to step away from the Popcorn Fluff and the Award Contenders, go rent this film, because it’s definitely 2 hours out of your life you won’t regret.  Can’t wait for Award Season, because I could def see this pic being a possible Indie dark horse.