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#71: Nine

December 28, 2009

Yep, time for the token movie-turned-musical-turned-movie-musical complete with original “Best Song” contenders and all.

So what’s it about?: An Italian filmmaker has a lack of film ideas and an overabundance of women.  Musical chaos ensues!

The Good: The acting is outstanding.  Even Daniel Day Lewis, who is horribly miscast, is still great as always, and the star studded ensemble of women do wonderful jobs in their not-so-wonderful roles.  And “Cinema Italiano” is a freaking catchy song (and a surefire nominee for Best Song).

The Bad: This movie is a mess.  The story is, well, non-existent.  It’s a diluted version of a musical that is a diluted version of a film, and what’s left is nonsensical dribble.  The insertion of musical numbers seems almost forced at times, and the directing is just atrocious, as if Rob Marshall was sitting in the theater next to you screaming “It’s ARTISTIC!”  And frankly the ending was probably the worst, cheesiest, gag-me-with-a-spoon ending in the history of all endings.  And if I ever hear “Be Italian” again, I’m going to admit myself to a mental institution.

The Verdict: Pick up a copy of Fellini’s 8 1/2 and an original cast recording of Nine and play them simultaneously while running around in skimpy lingerie and smacking a tambourine and it’s just like seeing this movie.  Musical fans can just be grateful they didn’t put in “The Bells of St. Sebastian” and thoroughly butcher it.


#69: Avatar

December 21, 2009

A movie with this much hype usually becomes a royal let down.  And back during ComicCon when we first saw clips of this, I thought it looked like an overrated mess.  But I have to say this has been the first movie whose trailer got better and better with each viewing of the trailer, and come opening day I was so freaking excited to see this movie!

So what’s it about?: In the midst of Pandora, a planet covered is lush forests, ginormous blue aliens and a mineral to solve the energy crisis on earth, an ex-marine finds himself thrust into the middle of the native Na’vi via his avatar to find out about the people, get involved in a little romance, and ensue some chaos in MIND BLOWING 3D!

The Good: James Cameron said this movie would change the way we watch movies, and let me tell you, he is 100% right.  I mean WOW!!!  Sure, some of the effects weren’t 100% perfect, but the strides this film made in technological advancement is definitely noticeable.  The fact that a staggering 60% of this movie is computer generated is truly amazing.  And the 3D adds so much depth to the film, it’s almost as if you’re there.  Naturally, with Cameron at the helm, the detail of this movie is spot on, all the way down to a brand new language (calling all nerds, now you can be fluent in Klingon, Elvish and Na’vi).  And I’m sad to admit that “I See You”, just like the film did, is actually growing on me, despite it’s sappy over-the-top-ness.

The Bad: You all know it by now, but the story is cliche.  They might as well have called this Pocahontas Dances With Ferngully Aliens.  But it’s definitely not boring and though recycled it still is a well woven story.  I only wish it had a little bit more humor to it, not to say there isn’t any, but it could have used a little more.  Sadly, this film lacked an awesome villain.

The Verdict: Stop reading this blog, turn off your computer, and run to the nearest theater showing this in 3D.  And witness the future of films!


#68: Crazy Heart

December 20, 2009

So what’s it about?: A post-famous alcoholic country singer struggles to travel from crappy gig to bar to crappy gig when he meets a journalist and her son and ensues some chaos.

The Good: Naturally a movie about country has an awesome soundtrack.  But this also has a touching story and SUPERB acting.

The Bad: This is basically The Wrestler.  And I don’t mean they’re similar, I mean they are the exact same movie, only Crazy Heart has music and a tangible ending.

The Verdict: Yeah, it’s worth seeing, though yet another film you don’t need to see in theaters.  But sure to get some noms for acting and a guaranteed Best Original Song win.


#63: Up in the Air

December 20, 2009

For the record, I have now seen this movie twice.  Yes, it’s that good.

So what’s it about?: A guy spends his life traveling the country firing people and racking up an insane amount of frequent flier miles when two women enter his life and ensue chaos in his personal and professional lives.

The Good: This is one of those movies that comes around every year that is ten bajillion times better than its synopsis.  And this movie is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.  The script is heartbreaking, funny, and frankly just perfect.  The cast is perfect, from George Clooney’s best performance to date, to Anna Kendrick’s true breakout performance as an adult actress, and Vera Farmiga, who has gone by virtual unnoticed in The Departed and Orphan, shows the world why she should be a household name (no matter how hard it is to pronounce).  Not to mention a very timely story, this film is bound to hit everyone in some way or another.

The Bad: Okay, visually this movie looks like it was shot by a someone out of high school.  Not that it’s bad, it’s just no Citizen Kane.

The Verdict: And the Best Picture goes to… Up in the Air!  This film is outstanding!  And if you haven’t seen it, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.


#52: Bonnie and Clyde

November 28, 2009

So what’s it about?: Bonnie and Clyde rob banks and chaos ensues.

The Good: This film is considered a classic for a reason.  It’s a good film.  The script is well written, the acting is well done, and from a cinematography stand point there were some really cool shots in this.  You could just tell the crew put a lot of thought into this film and it shows.  And it has what all good films have: a good beginning and a killer ending.

The Bad: Like I feel most older films suffer from, this movie dragged on at times from the result of its slower pacing.  And Faye Dunaway and Estelle Parsons were so annoying at times that I began to hate them both, which was definitely more the fault of the characters rather than the actresses.

The Verdict: A must see for any fan of well made films, but if you are looking for a high octane gangster movie, perhaps look for something a little newer.


#47: Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

November 16, 2009


So what’s it about?: A young girl is pregnant with her second child by her father, lives with monster of a mother, and lives a life where chaos ensues every second.

The Good: This film is freaking amazing.  The acting is awesome, the script is perfect, the cinematography is really cool.  Hand an Oscar to the make-up artist now.  And while your at it, give one to Mo’Nique as well, because anybody who can play the most horrible character ever written deserves one.  Gabourey Sidibe?  Where the hell did they find this chick.  She’s amazing!  And, thankfully, there are some great moments of comedy strewn in to this horror fest.  And frankly this is a movie that needed to be made.  Because, even though based on an entirely fictional novel, it is probably one of the most real feeling movies I’ve seen, even more so than movies based on actual events (like Schindler’s List and Taking Woodstock).

The Bad: It is really, really, really hard to watch.  This is the only movie I’ve ever seen that was labeled horror that had people screaming in the audience.  There were times I wanted to walk out and just curl up in a corner somewhere it was just so grueling.  And the title is a little pretentious (but, don’t worry, the film is not).

The Verdict: You HAVE to go see it.  ‘Nuff said.


#27: Braveheart

October 19, 2009

braveheartYeah, that’s right, I finally saw this film.  And am therefore once step closer to becoming a movie buff.  It’s about time!

So what’s it about?: William Wallace prances around Scotland killing English men after they royally piss him off, with the aid of a large but always outnumbered band of Scotsmen.  Historically inaccurate chaos ensues.

The Good: I really thought I was not going to like this film, but it’s actually a really good movie!  Great cinematography, great score, great story, great acting, great script, and a whole gaggle of great moments.  And like any great epic, it has humorous moments, which is a must!

The Bad: Parts of the ending were so over-dramatic it kind of turned me off.  It was like a trailer for Passion of the Christ.  And this is definitely not a movie for horse lovers!

The Verdict: If you, like me, have been living in a box, it’s time to step out and see this movie already!  Because it’s good!

Oh, and apparently the Academy really likes a good epic movie because Gladiator is seriously the same film.  WTF Academy?