The 500 Film Project is a crazy insane project that will allow one formerly Denver-based girl (me!) who had the smarts to get out and move to the film capital of the world (aka Hollywood) to not only attempt to wear the title of “movie buff” proudly, but to also prove to her mother that all the time she spends on the internet can actually amount to some good.  Plus, in a city filled with film buffs, well it’s about time I caught up!  And it’ll allow me to take full advantage of the perks offered by working at a movie theater while also giving me a good excuse to watch all the DVDs that I’ve collected over the last couple of years.



  1. I love the idea of your blog 🙂
    I will be sure to keep checking !!

  2. hi, thanks for your reply on the forum. I don’t want a photo on top of my blog, i want to get the attention on the photo’s. That’s why it is a little plain. Thanks and good luck with your website!

  3. Hi, just wondering how you are doing with this project so far? Also how are you going about it, just watching any film you have to hand that day? Or are you pre-planning the films you watch, how do you have the time?
    Amy x

    • I pretty much just watch movies on the spur of the moment. Or I’ll plan a day at the theater just to watch movies all day. But mostly I just grab something I haven’t seen and watch. Once I reactivate my Netflix account though, it’ll be a lot more planned out!

  4. Hey, I haven’t seen a post in a while. I really like your blog and hope you get back to it!

  5. Nice, I wish you all the luck in your endeavor to watch 500 films!

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