#4: I’m Still Here

January 13, 2011

A documentary that I sadly missed in theaters, but thanks to the amazingness that is Netflix instant streaming, I was able to watch it on my phone!

So what’s it about?: Joaquin Phoenix decides to retire from acting and become a rap star and Casey Affleck has the brains to pick up a camera and film all the ensuing chaos.

The Good: This is definitely one of the most fascinating documentaries I’ve watched, though Joan Rivers already proved earlier in 2010 that having someone follow around a famous person is actually really interesting.  I’m Still Here was a great inside look at the pressure and alienation a celebrity faces.  And while you may disagree with how he pretty much threw away an entire career in order to “express himself” or whatever, it’s hard not to think about how oneself would be affected by fame if ever thrust under the same limelight.

The Bad: I can see where after a while one could easily get annoyed with Phoenix’s constant “why doesn’t the world understand me?  Why don’t they give me a chance?”  But at the same time, it’s easy to relate to insecurities.   Because who doesn’t have those!  However, this is not a documentary that inspires, which can be somewhat off-putting to some.

The Verdict: If you want to watch an intriguing movie about a man attempting to pursue a dream and dealing with human judgement, than watch this movie!  But not before you watch Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work and Exit Through the Gift Shop, both far superior

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