#79: The Edge of Darkness

March 8, 2010

Sadly, this will forever be remembered as the movie my purse was stolen from…

So what’s it about?: A cop’s daughter comes to visit him only to be shot on his doorstep, ensuing a flood of secrets and chaos.

The Good: This was actually a pretty interesting movie, with moments of complete and utter thrills at the beginning and near the end.  And Mel Gibson was actually okay in this.

The Bad: The beginning and end may have had thrills, but you could have taken an hour long nap in the middle.  And sadly, they tried to make it too political near the end and it just fell flat in a way.

The Verdict: A few jumps, but in the end kind of forgettable.

One comment

  1. Gone through most of your reviews, they’re all very informative. Although there is 1 film I’d think that shouldn’t be missing from your list. 9 by Tim Burton/Shane Acker not Nine. It came out on DVD in Decemeber.

    It has quite a large fan-base and sometimes fans tend to overlook the bad points in the film. I’ve only heard it from the mouths of fans, I’d like to hear what you have to say. It should be properly reviewed by someone who’s doing a project like this one.

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