#74: Daybreakers

March 8, 2010

So what’s it about?: In a world run by vampires, humans are an endangered species, causing a mass food shortage and ensuing chaos.

The Good: In a world where vampires have become brooding sparkle fairies it’s nice to see them return to their ruthless blood sucking roots.  And this was not a bad film by any means.  It looked cool and the story was cool and the gore was cool.  And while it definitely could have easily gone down that direction, the climax did not depend on any developing romance, which was refreshing.

The Bad: Maybe a little over dramatic at times, and maybe a little funny at times when it shouldn’t have been.  But for a January film it was everything it needed to be: entertaining and original enough.  Too bad the poster is lame.

The Verdict: For any fan of vampires, this is a must see.

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