#67: Invictus

December 20, 2009

So what’s it about?: Nelson Mandela has become president and attempts to use rugby to unite the post-apartheid South Africa.  I guess some chaos ensues.

The Good: Well, um, it’s about rugby which is pretty unique.  So yeah.  And overall it’s a decent film with decent acting and a decent script.

The Bad: A decent film… but with a lot of problems.  Frankly, it tries way too hard to be an inspirational movie that it forgets that it “ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb!”  Yeah, that’s right, I just quoted that horribly sappy song, and speaking of horribly sappy songs, this movie is chock full of them.  Songs stuck in randomly for no apparent reason other than to have a shot at Best Original Song come Oscar time.  Too bad they are all laughably cheesy.  But there is no conflict in this film and no struggle.  And there should be!  And frankly I don’t know anything about rugby, and now I know even less.

The Verdict: If you’re ever in desperate need of a movie to watch come 2010, sure, pick this up at your local $1 rental kiosk.  But with all the other amazing films this holiday season, it’s not worth rushing out to see.

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