#64: Bolt

December 20, 2009

Well, in probably the best year as a whole for animated movies of the decade, I decided to take a return trip to the dark ages of 2008 (oh Wall*E, how much better you would have enjoyed 2009).

So what’s it about?: A TV superdog thinks he’s a real superdog, and goes on a mission to rescue his person when they are seperated after filming a cliff-hanger.  With the help of his fellow talking animal friends, chaos ensues all the way to Hollywood.

The Good: It’s cute.  And, while not a fantastic family film, it’s still good enough to entertain the whole family and maintain my theory that kid movies don’t have to be stupid to please them.  And it has some classic moments.

The Bad: You have to listen to Miley Cyrus’s voice for a good third of the film, and that’s enough to drive some people over the edge.  And sadly it gets a little too sappy at times.

The Verdict: A great movie to rent with the kids a good enough addition to the okay collection of Disney 3D animated movies.  But not anything worth writing home about.

One comment

  1. I thought it was cute, but predictable as usual. I can’t see how kids can watch the same films be regurgitated over and over again. I suppose the movie wasn’t aimed at me so what can I expect.

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