#61: The Blind Side

December 20, 2009

Every year during football season, Hollywood joins in by releasing one uplifting movie based on a true football story that usually takes place in the South and deals on some level with race and overcoming hardships.  This year’s football movie was The Blind Side.

So what’s it about?: Based on the true story of Michael Oher who was picked up randomly by a caring family and given a chance to… play football!  Temporary chaos ensues before the required inspirational where-are-they-now credit sequence.

The Good: Sandra Bullock is freaking amazing.  She single handedly took this film into her own hands and carried it into the end zone (with a little assistant from a strong supporting cast).  And the story is naturally uplifting and makes you want to go out and do good in the world.

The Bad: It’s a little too run-of-the-mill and frankly just not intense or memorable enough to be a remarkable film.  Yeah, it’s a true story, but so is Remember the Titans and that had a lot more heart and drama to it.

The Verdict: Not a football classic, but worth seeing for Sandra Bullock alone.

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