#59: Pirate Radio

December 20, 2009

or The Movie Formerly Known As The Boat That Rocked

So what’s it about?: 1960s England.  Pirate radio stations broadcast illegal music from off-shore.  Uptight politicians would rather listen to elevator music.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: This movie is HILARIOUS!  Like, really, really funny.  It’s basically Love Actually on a boat in the 60s, and of course it would be seeing as how Richard Curtis wrote and directed both films.  While not as touching as Love Actually, and not nearly as good of a film, it’s still charming and in the end has you rooting for all of its five bajillion characters.  And naturally, for a movie about rock and roll, it has a killer soundtrack.  Plus bonus points for great opening and closing credit sequences.

The Bad: There are a lot of characters, which results in not a lot of development.  Some plot lines just get dropped to the wayside never to return.  And some scenes are just plain filler.

The Verdict: It’s certainly not a classic, award winning, memorable enough to even be talked about come 2010, but hey, it’s a fun movie, and if you ever find yourself looking for something to watch it sure won’t disappoint!

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