#58: The Road

December 20, 2009

Well, considering I saw this movie almost a month ago, it turns out I’m horrible at keeping up with writing about all the movies I watch!  So be prepared for a huge influx of reviews starting… NOW!  It’s like Christmas a week early.

So what’s it about?: Approximately ten years after the end of the world, a man and his son trying to survive travel on a road where chaos ensues.

The Good: Well, visually this is a stunning if bleak film.  And the script, mostly lifted directly from the book of the same name (that I am currently reading), is very well written and very well acted by a highly talented cast.  And props to Kodi Smit-McPhee who in my opinion outshone Viggo Mortenson.

The Bad: The number one killer of a film is a bad ending, and, well, this movie’s ending was a real dud.  A good ending could have made up for the slow pace, but the given ending just wasn’t worth the wait.  Not to mention there really wasn’t much of a plot, primarily because the given plot was so full of holes.

The Verdict: Grab a group of friends together and discuss what you would do if the world decided to go all 2012 tomorrow: try to survive no matter what or give up and die?  There, now it’s just like you all saw The Road only you saved yourself 2 hours and the price of admission!

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