#57: The Big Lebowski

December 15, 2009

Another cult classic that I haven’t seen (and some how managed to avoid at college).  So I figured I might as well watch it!

So what’s it about?: A bowling-loving, easygoing slacker is mistaken for millionaire of the same name, resulting in an adventure all over Los Angeles to meet a crazy cast of characters and a crap load of ensuing chaos.

The Good: I’ll admit, this movie made no sense, until I saw it was a Coen brothers’ film, and then it all came together!  But even so, this film is beautifully sewn together.  It’s a movie that just should be a total mess, and yet totally works.  The characters are totally outrageous, yet you feel as though you could run into them on the street or at your local bowling alley tomorrow.  The movie is shot beautifully.  The soundtrack is not just a collection of great songs but actually add to the movie.  And this film has all the elements of a cult classic: quotability, quirkiness, and the ability to stand up to and even get better with repeat viewings.

The Bad: Another element of a cult classic: it’s not accessible to everyone.

The Verdict: It’s a movie everyone has to see once.  And should probably be watched again.

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