#53: 2012

November 28, 2009

Okay, so I love a good popcorn movie, so what better movie to see than a film by the popcorn master himself Roland Emmerich?

So what’s it about?: The world is coming to an end due to ensuing CGI chaos.

The Good: For a about 30 minutes in this film the world is coming apart and it is AWESOME.  And, yes, some lines are so deliciously cheesy you can’t help but enjoy it.

The Bad: This film is almost 3 hours long, and the destruction only lasts 30 minutes.  Do the math and you get a snooze fest.  There was way too much story and for anyone familiar with Roland Emmerich’s films you know that you don’t go see it for the story.  Not to mention this film contained two entirely different plot lines, one which didn’t even enter the picture till 20 minutes into the film and both which nobody really cared about.  But most importantly, this film lacked any deaths that you actually cared about which is essential to any disaster flick.  If people are going to die, you have to kill of a sympathetic character, not just the assholes!

The Verdict: If you want to see amazing special effects, wait for Avatar.  If you want a good popcorn movie, pull Independence Day off the shelf.  But unless you want to fall asleep, don’t see this movie.

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