#51: American Pie Presents: Beta House

November 28, 2009

So what’s it about?: The same Stifler cousins and side kicks from Naked Mile are back for more ensuing overblown raunchy frat house chaos.

The Good: This movie is better than Naked Mile in that it’s not only funnier but it also is a little more true to the spirit of the original American Pie trilogy.   In other words, it felt like it belonged.   And it was nice to see a returning cast of characters.   Not to mention the most sexual characters were overweight in a refreshingly non-mocking way and one was female, which like never happens in raunchy teen comedies!

The Bad: Well, it is a direct-to-video movie and it has the quality of a direct-to-video movie.  Most of the plot is taken from better, funnier movies and some of the jokes just fall flat.

The Verdict: Great for a late night drunken movie in college or to hold all you GrΣΣk fans over till the new season starts.

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