#50: American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

November 26, 2009

Okay, so I figured I’d seen the first four, I might as well finish the franchise, right?

So what’s it about?: Another Stifler who just so happens to be a high school virgin gets a guilt free pass from his girlfriend as he goes visits his college cousin in time for the Naked Mile.  Oh, yeah, and chaos ensues.

The Good: Well, it’s sufficiently funny and entertaining, and for a direct-to-video movie labelled under one of the raunchiest teen comedy franchises to date it’s not half bad.  And the characters are definitely a step up from those in Band Camp (which is probably why these were brought back for film 6).  Oh, and this wins for probably the only film that depicts a little person as sexy, so props.

The Bad: Um… how many Stiflers are there?  Were the other characters just not cool enough to have a never ending supply of cousins?  And the whole thing was reused.  The characters, the plot, nothing was original.

The Verdict: A fun film, but nothing more than that.

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