#48: Fantastic Mr. Fox

November 17, 2009

So what’s it about?: A family of foxes move in to a new tree, piss off the neighbors and ensue further chaos.

The Good: OMG, coolest stop motion animation movie ever, and this is coming from a huge fan of Wallace & Gromit shorts.  But the stop-motion in Fox blew any previous attempts out of the water.  It is just so cool.  And if you’re a Wes Anderson film, well, he does not disappoint.  In fact, if Wallace & Gromit grew hair and remade The Royal Tenenbaums it would be this movie.  And the story is not too shabby itself, though a bit all over the place.

The Bad: Um… while I know I would have loved this movie as a child, I also read Jane EyreLittle Women and a biography of William Shakespeare all before my eleventh birthday, so I’m not really a good indicator of what kids like.  But I can tell you that most children will probably get bored.  It’s just a really smart, witty movie that might go unappreciated among the younger audience members, but, hey, in a era of fart jokes and bratty ingenues, this may be just the film children need!

The Verdict: A must see for any fan of Wes Anderson, cool animation, and just fun-to-watch films!

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