#47: Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

November 16, 2009


So what’s it about?: A young girl is pregnant with her second child by her father, lives with monster of a mother, and lives a life where chaos ensues every second.

The Good: This film is freaking amazing.  The acting is awesome, the script is perfect, the cinematography is really cool.  Hand an Oscar to the make-up artist now.  And while your at it, give one to Mo’Nique as well, because anybody who can play the most horrible character ever written deserves one.  Gabourey Sidibe?  Where the hell did they find this chick.  She’s amazing!  And, thankfully, there are some great moments of comedy strewn in to this horror fest.  And frankly this is a movie that needed to be made.  Because, even though based on an entirely fictional novel, it is probably one of the most real feeling movies I’ve seen, even more so than movies based on actual events (like Schindler’s List and Taking Woodstock).

The Bad: It is really, really, really hard to watch.  This is the only movie I’ve ever seen that was labeled horror that had people screaming in the audience.  There were times I wanted to walk out and just curl up in a corner somewhere it was just so grueling.  And the title is a little pretentious (but, don’t worry, the film is not).

The Verdict: You HAVE to go see it.  ‘Nuff said.

One comment

  1. Just saw this. Nothing like the Fall “prestige” film season to make you feel like you’ve just payed to be socked in the gut! This film had the audience crying, gasping…and laughing (which was odd, I thought). Sure, the classroom scenes were a little funny in an over-the-top, African-American BREAKFAST CLUB sorta way, but much of this film is just as you say. And it is amazing!

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