#46: The Killers Live From The Royal Albert Hall

November 15, 2009

thekillersOkay… so I really went to the movie theater to see this concert film.  This Is It was just an unfortunate detour.

So what’s it about?: Well… not much.  But a lot of chaos ensued!

The Good: So… I’ve never really seen a concert film before (gasp!) so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.  But I can say that the quality of this film was amazing.  I saw The Killers in concert over the summer, and I have to say, this movie was practically like you were there, only the view was better, there wasn’t somebody screaming in your ear, and the movie theater lacked the smell of pot and beer.  And The Killers put on a very high energy concert of awesomeness!

The Bad: Seeing a concert in a movie theater just lacks the whole experience.  It’s very, very hard to sit in a chair in a dark auditorium when what you really want to do is jump around and sing along and act like a crazy person!

The Verdict: Any self-respecting fan of The Killers needs to own this film (it’s on DVD right now), because it’s a great documentation of a great concert.  And it also doubles as a work out video!

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