#45: This Is It

November 15, 2009

thisisitSo what’s it about?: Rehearsal footage for Michael Jackson’s London shows is spliced together in a film that ensues editing chaos.

The Good: For Michael Jackson fans, this is a decent last look at the King of Pop.  For people who weren’t MJ fans, this is a reminder about how incredibly talented he was.  I mean, come on, the majority of his songs are pop gold mines.  And, even from this jumble of a film, you can totally tell that the concert itself would have been an amazing display of technical awesomeness.  But single handedly the best thing to come out of this is Orianthi, who proves her amazing guitar shredding skills in this movie (and also has a pretty decent album out).

The Bad: This film is neither concert film nor backstage documentary.  In fact, this is barely even a film.  It looks as though a five year old sat down with all this rehearsal footage and decided to mess around in iMovie for a couple of days and the result?  Well, This Is It.  And this movie is merely a look at Michael Jackson and what he could have been had he stayed living a little longer.  But anyone in their right mind knows that no matter how talented he still was in his final days, frankly he was a caricature of himself.  Really, though, if they were going to go through all the trouble to make a “memorial” film to give the fans one last goodbye, then why not just smash together a bunch of archive footage.  It would have been a lot better.

The Verdict: If you want one last reminder of how great Michael Jackson was, why don’t you go watch something with a little more staying power (and some editing).  Do a music video marathon, moon walk around your living room, and top it of with The Wiz.  But stay away from this film, unless you have a thing for paying to see home movies.

P.S. Just noticed the tag line is “Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before”.  In this case, that’s not a good thing.

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