#44: Blade Runner

November 8, 2009

bladerunnerSo… I finally got watched past the first 10 minutes of Blade Runner.  So, yeah, I guess I can officially call myself a sci-fi fan without having to bow my head in shame.  And for the record I watched the original theatrical version (because it’s the one available to stream on Netflix).

So what’s it about?: In a future LA, a group of illegal “replicants” is on the lose, and one kind of retired Blade Runner must “retire” them.  Slowly and surely, some chaos ensues.

The Good: For a movie set 10 years from today, it seems surprisingly realistic.  Okay, so LA isn’t going to magically start looking like Tokyo and NYC got together and had a decrepit and mutilated baby in 10 years time.  But a world where the street lingo is a mish mash of multiple languages, the billboards are all animated light displays, and advances in bioengineering are astoundingly realistic is not so far off!  And, hey, if you ever go to LA Live, you know the second one has already happened!  So as far as futuristic worlds go, this one is remarkable one of the most realistic.

The Bad: This film was kind of slow.  Okay, yeah, there’s pretty much a general consensus on that.  But not only was it slow, but in the end I cared about a total of none of the characters, which made it that much slower.  As for the plot, there were seemingly important items that were never addressed (or else I just stopped paying attention out of sheer boredom).  And a movie about a group of seemingly bad people/androids that are constantly discriminated against turn out to be kind of okay?  How freaking original!  And that voice over was absolutely laughably bad.  Seriously, did Harrison Ford forget how to act?

The Verdict: Watch it.  Because apparently people like this film, but honestly I would watch the director’s cut because apparently people like it more.

Okay, so after a little research it turns out the Director’s Cut doesn’t have the cheesy voice over.  This may actually significantly improve the film.  I may have to watch the final version… though it probably won’t happen till 2019.

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