#43: 28 Days Later…

November 3, 2009

28dayslaterEven after my Halloween movie fest, I wasn’t satiated of the hunger for blood, guts, and screams, so I decided to watch this might-be-a-zombie film.

So what’s it about?: A man wakes up alone 28 days after a possibly zombie apocalypse.  As he attempts to survive and figure out what the hell happen, chaos ensues.

The Good: This is a really good film.  It’s not scream your head off scary, and you’ll be able to sleep at night, but it’s a really creepy film.  The acting is superb (btw, what the hell happened to Cillian Murphy?).  The writing is good enough to where the scenes are entirely realistic and heart-stopping.  And the film was shot beautifully.  WOW.  And this movie officially cemented Danny Boyle as one of my fav directors.

The Bad: Well, um, the only bad thing is this movie is categorized as a zombie film.  Okay… NOT a zombie film.  The Infected are in no way reanimated corpses, nor do you need to destroy the brain to kill them, nor do they seem in anyway as mindless as true zombies.  In fact, they’re more like vampires than zombies.

The Verdict: Watch this movie.  It’s a good movie, it’s not too scary, and it’ll make you think.  Can’t wait to get my hands on 28 Weeks Later…

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