#42: Interview with a Vampire

November 1, 2009

interviewwithavampireAnd, finally, to end my Halloween scare-athon, I had to turn to the most overused monster of today: the vampire!

So what’s it about?: A 200 year-old vampire recounts his tale of his travels and ensuing chaos.

The Good: Kirsten Dunst was freaking amazing as the child vampire.  In fact, she outshone her cast members by miles.  And while the movie dragged on (more on that later) the ending was awesome!

The Bad: Well, we already know my opinions on Tom Cruise, and they haven’t changed after seeing this movie.  But I do have to say it wasn’t all his fault.  Lestat and Louis have to be the second lamest vampires of all time (the first, of course, being the ultimate brooding stalker Edward Cullen).  No wonder the musical bombed!  First of all, all they do is whine all the time.  Secondly, wtf was with the hair?  Okay, seriously, the fact that when you turn into a vampire your hair all of a sudden gets styled and frozen in time?  Lame.  And then there’s the whole only sometimes having supernatural speed.  Basically the whole thing was a stretched boring mess, with a total of three genuinely intense moments.  Well, for me, three is not enough!  I chose this movie so that I wouldn’t be so scared I couldn’t go to sleep, I wasn’t counting on it to actually put me to sleep!

The Verdict: Maybe the Team Edward fanatics and Anne Rice fans will like this film.  But I like my vampires with a little more umph.  But definitely check it out for Kirsten Dunst’s performance.

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