#41: Scream

November 1, 2009

screamContinuing on with my Halloween scare-athon, I decided I needed a good ol’ slasher, and since I didn’t have immediate access to the classics, why not an homage to the classics?

So what’s it about?: A masked killer runs around a country town killing off its teens and ensuing chaos.

The Good: Before watching the movie, I had no idea about how self-aware this film is.  The whole script is very clever, referencing the classic horror films as it’s story unfolds to be one in its own right.  Brilliant!  And unlike the horror remakes of today, this movie is able to take used ideas and make something somewhat original.  Another surprising addition is the acting is actually watchable.  Easily the weakest point of most slasher films, the actors in Scream are actually somewhat believable and that makes them actually likable.

The Bad: Well, it’s a slasher flick, which get kind of ridiculous after a while.  But, hey, it’s still a lot of fun!

The Verdict: Any fan of movies where teenagers are getting slaughtered should see this film.  And it’s not very scary or even as gory as some of today’s films, so even the faint at heart can see it!

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