#40: Shaun of the Dead

November 1, 2009

shaunofthedeadSo after being scared to death, I was resurrected as a movie loving zombie who needed a good pick me up.  And what better flick than Shaun of the Dead!

So what’s it about?: A man’s humdrum life is interrupted by the zombie apocalypse.  Now he must save his mom and get back with his girlfriend all while avoiding the ensuing chaos!

The Good: This movie is hilarious.  Such a great spoof of the zombie subgenre and yet a great film on its own.  Though isn’t that the recipe for any good spoof?  Nevertheless, this is a great film.  And the opening credit sequence was genius!

The Bad: The only downside was that sometimes the accents got a little so thick that I missed what they were saying, but hey, that’s really the only complaint!  Oh, and there should have been a dog, and it should have been killed tragically.

The Verdict: Any fan of zombie films needs to see this movie.  Hell, any fan of films needs to see this movie.

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