#38: Porky’s

November 1, 2009

porkysIn case you haven’t guessed it yet, I a big fan of teen comedies.  They’re just so much fun!  So why not try a classic.

So what’s it about?: A bunch of high school teens run around trying to have sex and chaos ensues.

The Good: This movie had some genuinely funny bits.  And it had some heartfelt moments mixed in the bunch.  And a really good cast.

The Bad: Okay, what?  This has to be the most thrown together movie I’ve seen in a long time.  There was NO plot!  At all!  It was like a stretched out sketch comedy show where the sketches were split up and tossed together in a giant mixing bowl.  And the characters are just kind of annoying.

The Verdict: This may have been a huge influence on the current teen sex comedy genre but frankly American Pie is funnier and has a plot.

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