#34: The Dark Crystal

October 28, 2009

thedarkcrystalThe 80s came out with some awesome family films, from The Labyrinth to The Neverending Story to The Goonies.  And since I’m a huge fan of those, I figured I might as well see the one that got away: The Dark Crystal.

So what’s it about?: In a land of a bunch of weird species with obscure names, a boy-like creature must return a crystal shard to the Dark Crystal to fulfill a prophecy and bring peace.  As he journeys through puppet land, chaos ensues.

The Good: As you may have been able to tell from my review of Where the Wild Things Are I’m a huge fan of puppetry.  Frankly, it’s really cool and in my opinion better than CGI (unless, of course, combined with CGI, which equals awesome).  And this film is made ENTIRELY of puppets.  Like 100% puppets.  Very, very cool.

The Bad: The plot is a jumbled mess.  I could only understand about half what was going on and the other half was just plain annoying.  I mean seriously, you only need to say a line once to get the point across.  And it played incredibly slow.  I can’t even imagine this being entertaining to the children it was intended for.  It just lacked the charm and intelligence found in the movies arriving later in the decade.

The Verdict: Unless you grew up with this film, don’t bother watching it now.

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