#33: An Education

October 26, 2009

aneducationWell, after getting my new job (at a movie theater, of course!) I had to start using my perks of seeing movies, and this was getting good reviews.

So what’s it about?: A school girl with dreams of Oxford, a passion for Paris, and a curse of overbearing parents starts a relationship with a much older man.  As their romance lengthens, chaos ensues.

The Good: Carey Mulligan is AMAZING.  And of course she is.  After all, she was the center of THE GREATEST DOCTOR WHO EPISODE OF ALL TIME.  You know, THAT ONE.  But she’s also backed here by a great script and an equally amazing supporting cast.  And this film has some really profound moments.  And as an added bonus, this movie has an awesome soundtrack.

The Bad: Profound moments do not a profound film make.  The film was good, yes, but it was lacking something that’s really hard to pinpoint.  It just wasn’t great.  Perhaps in the end it was just a little too preachy.  But in the end this is going to be one of those films that’s forgotten in five years, only briefly referred to as “That Film That Launched Carey Mulligan’s Career.”

The Verdict: Go see it, for Carey Mulligan alone.  Or save yourself the money and just watch “Blink” (it’s available to stream on Netflix under Doctor Who, Season 3).

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