#31: Paranormal Activity

October 20, 2009

paranormalactivitySeeing as how I was one of the 1,000,000 who demanded to see this film online, I figured I should probably go see it.  And for extra measure, I did what the catch phrase told me not too and I saw it alone.  Oh snap!

So what’s it about?: A woman is convinced something is haunting her, so her boyfriend sets up a camera in their bedroom to film while they sleep.  Paranormal chaos ensues.

The Good: HOLY CRAP THIS FILM IS AMAZING!  It’s very, very realistic and until the credits I was convinced this was for real.  I may just be highly gullible but the way this was filmed was incredible.  And Micah and Katie are the most credible actors in horror since, well Heather, Josh and Mike went on a little camping trip ten years ago.

The Bad: Yeah, okay, I got a little nauseated halfway through the film, but it was totally worth it.  And some will say they didn’t like the ending, and apparently there are a crap ton of different endings filmed, but personally I think this one works just fine.  Sure creeped the hell out of me!

The Verdict: This movie is essentially what would happen if The Blair Witch Project crew decided to remake The Exorcist.  And frankly it’s better than both of those, so stop reading this and go see it!

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