#30: Where the Wild Things Are

October 19, 2009

wherethewildthingsareI’ve been looking forward to seeing this film since forever, so Saturday afternoon I head over to the fabulous Universal CityWalk and saw this baby in the IMAX.

So what’s it about?: Max is out of control but has a great imagination.  He finds himself in a world of Wild Things where he is king and where chaos ensues.

The Good: This film looks really cool.  The combination of good old-fashioned puppetry and CGI results in a very real looking Wild Thing.  And some of the sets are just jaw droppingly gorgeous!  And the adaptation is actually pretty good considering the writers had hardly any material to work with.  The acting is spot on, the situations are all highly realistic.  When they aren’t in the land of the Wild Things they might as well be shooting a documentary that’s how real it is.  And this is just a good film beginning to end.  And the soundtrack is so fun, so props to Karen O.

The Bad: Okay, not quite beginning to end.  About halfway through the film when the awesomeness of the Wild Things began to wear off, the movie began to drift around and lose the path.  And it became a little dull.  Thankfully it picked up in the end, but I couldn’t help but thinking that if this had been a short film it could have been PERFECT.

The Verdict: Yeah, despite a PG rating, this is not a kids film (but, hey, neither is Good Night, and Good Luck and that has a PG rating as well).  It’s long, it’s dark, it’s painfully realistic at times, and the comedy is, well, lacking.  But it’s a good film nonetheless.  Just be warned, if never quite crosses the line into being a great film.

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  1. Seems like a good movie!

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