#27: Braveheart

October 19, 2009

braveheartYeah, that’s right, I finally saw this film.  And am therefore once step closer to becoming a movie buff.  It’s about time!

So what’s it about?: William Wallace prances around Scotland killing English men after they royally piss him off, with the aid of a large but always outnumbered band of Scotsmen.  Historically inaccurate chaos ensues.

The Good: I really thought I was not going to like this film, but it’s actually a really good movie!  Great cinematography, great score, great story, great acting, great script, and a whole gaggle of great moments.  And like any great epic, it has humorous moments, which is a must!

The Bad: Parts of the ending were so over-dramatic it kind of turned me off.  It was like a trailer for Passion of the Christ.  And this is definitely not a movie for horse lovers!

The Verdict: If you, like me, have been living in a box, it’s time to step out and see this movie already!  Because it’s good!

Oh, and apparently the Academy really likes a good epic movie because Gladiator is seriously the same film.  WTF Academy?

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