#26: Hatching Pete

October 19, 2009

hatchingpeteOkay, okay, I’ll admit it.  I have a total soft spot for Disney Channel Original Movies.  Yeah, most of them are really bad, but every once in a while you get a gem of cheesy, feel-good perfection.

So what’s it about?: Shy wallflower does a favor for a friend and secretly takes over the job of the school mascot.  Turns out he’s really good at it, but he can’t give away his real identity.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: This movie actually has some genuine laughs and genuine “Oh crap!” moments.

The Bad: I could go on about an overused “Be Yourself!” plot, the annoying over-the-top adult characters, the typical Disney ending, but hands down the worst thing in the movie was Mitchel Musso’s hair.  Jason Dolley can pull off the long hair but you seriously looked like a girl.  CUT IT!

The Verdict: Your typical DCOM.  If you like the others, you’ll like this one.

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