#24: One Hundred and One Dalmatians

October 16, 2009

101dalmationsWhat better to follow Sleeping Beauty then the movie that actually followed Sleeping Beauty!

So what’s it about?: Two dogs have a lot of puppies and it turns out dalmatians make really great coats.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: This is the film that reinvented animation and while it’s not as stunning as the previous ink films, it’s still artistic and leagues better than most of the 3-D stuff of today.  And the film is more mystery than romance, which is really cool.

The Bad: Um… okay, something I will never understand is all the fuss about Cruella de Vil.  One, besides her being a old schoolmate of Anita, you never really even know why she’s there in the first place.  Second, for a Disney villain, she’s definitely not the scariest nor the best.

The Verdict: Definitely a ground-breaking Disney flick in more ways than one and a good film on its own.  And definitely a great children’s film still today (even with all the smoking).

And as a side note, as anybody ever noticed how this is the EXACT SAME movie as The Aristocats?  WTH?

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