#23: Sleeping Beauty

October 16, 2009

sleepingbeautySo recently I moved to LA and maybe it was due to the close proximity of Disneyland, but all of a sudden I got a itch to watch some classic Disney films!  And decided to start with the film that I’ve probably only seen once, Sleeping Beauty.

So what’s it about?: A mean ol’ witch curses a baby princess with everlasting sleep on her 16th birthday via a finger prick.  Some fairies manage to soften the curse to allow true love to prevail and decide to take raise the princess.  As the big day approaches, chaos ensues.

The Good: You gotta miss the classic 2-D animation.  It’s just stunning!  And this story has everything: action scenes, musical numbers, your classic case of mistaken identity comedy, dragons, and a happily ever after ending.

The Bad: Sleeping Beauty is not a bad film yet it flopped at the box office.  Why?  There’s too much in it!  It really does have everything and that is just too much for a short little animated film.  And when it takes longer to decide what color to make a dress than it does to kill a dragon, you know something’s wrong.  And character development?  Yeah, not in this film!

The Verdict: Sure it’s beautiful, and it has Disney written all over it, but there’s a reason Aurora is the least memorable Disney princess.

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