#22: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

October 16, 2009

confessionsofadangerousmindSo apparently in the year 2002 I was living in a box or something, because this is one of the few movies in the new millennium that contains big name stars that I’ve never even heard of… until now.

So what’s it about?: Based on Chuck Barris’ “unauthorized autobiography” about his life as a game show creator and his secret life as a hit man.  As he tries to juggle each life and the women that come with them, chaos ensues.

The Good: So, with the exception of that excuse for a film Leatherheads, it’s pretty clear George Clooney can direct about as well as he can act, which is pretty damn good.  And the cast assembled for this film is not only starry indeed, but also spot on!  And the story is quirky and fun.

The Bad: The only downside of this movie was that for the first five minutes I thought this movie was going to be like King of Comedy, which is one of my least fav movies.  Thankfully I was waaaaaay wrong.

The Verdict: Go rent it.

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