#19: Taxi to the Dark Side

October 5, 2009

taxitothedarksideWOW!  It’s been a long time.  But don’t worry, a lack of internet connection does not mean I haven’t been watching movies (though, sadly, I have gotten waaaaay behind.  Time to play catch-up!).

And, a couple weeks ago, while sporting a killer headache and nausia I decided to watch a documentary about torture.  I know, awesome idea right?

So what’s it about?: Stemmed from the story of an Afghani taxi driver who was mistaken for a terrorist and killed during a torture session, this documentary depicts all the real life chaos that ensued during the Bush administration when it came to handling political prisoners.

The Good: This is a pretty good documentary.  After all, it won an Oscar.  And while most media is biased nowadays, this documentary seemed at least two-sided enough for me not to notice any blatant leaning to the left or the right.

The Bad: Again, another documentary that shows all the flaws of our government.  Just once I would like to see an intelligent, insightful, provocative movie about how awesome our government is.  I can dream, can’t I?

The Verdict: If you want to be reminded of the flaws of human beings and the awful things power can make us do, rent this.  Or just vow to think for yourself and not go torturing people and rent an uplifting documentary instead.  Might I suggest Mad Hot Ballroom.

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