#18: Last Chance Harvey

September 4, 2009

lastchanceharveyWell, upon returning my previous redbox rentals, I couldn’t in good conscience leave empty handed.  And seeing as how it was a movie that I had never heard of, I decided to give Last Chance Harvey a chance.

So what’s it about?: An American guy whose lost his marriage, on the verge of losing his job, and on the road to losing all ties with his daughter meets a woman on a single day in London.  With the help of a chance encounter, they help each other fix the chaos ensuing in their lives.

The Good: This movie has a lot of heart and is kind of sweet.  It’s a film that thrives on spontaneity, and that at least keeps in interesting.  The score was also quite lovely and at times felt almost like it came straight from a Miyazaki film.  And bonus points for a Final Destination alum, though if said alum had died half way through the film it would have been so much better!

The Bad: The film itself isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t really good.  It’s mostly just quite forgettable.  It’s hard to put a finger on why this film isn’t an award-winning film.  Perhaps because the plot seems like a recycled jumble of storylines from other movies.  Perhaps because the entire plot is pretty much in the trailer. Perhaps because, once again, it was horribly predictable. But most likely because sadly it felt as though it were thrown together. It just lacked the stylistic oomph that good films have. Oh well.

The Verdict: Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 70%, and frankly, a C equivalent is exactly what it deserves.  Sure, it’s passing, but it’s average and forgettable.  So if you are seeing a select amount of movies a year and not a rediculous number like yours truly, then go out and rent something that you’ll remember the next day.

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