#17: Definitely, Maybe

September 4, 2009

definitelymaybeWell, I’m definitely, maybe, addicted to the redbox.  Rentals a block away for only a dollar?  That’s definitely, maybe, the coolest thing ever!  So, after the awesomeness that was I Love You, Man I definitely, maybe, had to keep up the trend of movies with commas in their titles and went with Definitely, Maybe.

So what’s it about?: On the verge of divorce, a father tells his daughter the story of how he met her mother.  Naturally there are three potential candidates, so chaos ensues.

The Good: If there is one good thing about this film, it is the cast.  Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin are perfect, and Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz are all great as the potential mothers.  And while the story was predictable, there was still enough suspense that there were actually some moments where I found myself wanting to yell at the screen and go “NO!  NOT HER!”  And I had NO CLUE who the mother was until she was revealed, so bonus points for that.

The Bad: This film is so cheesy at times that I’m pretty sure my cholestoral level just rose a couple points.  Apparently the filmmakers didn’t have the creativity (or the balls) of the filmmakers of (500) Days of Summer to realize you don’t need a predictable, fan-pleasing ending to have a feel good conclusion.  But this is the essential problem with all chick flicks.  Granted, some movies can pull it off (When Harry Met Sally… and even He’s Just Not That Into You) but this ending had the negative effect that it felt stuck on, like the creators sat together and said “Oh, we can’t end the movie like that!  Hand me that can of Easy Cheese so I can spray down this film.”  But the rest of the movie was still cute enough.

The Verdict: So, in short, if How I Met Your Mother grew up to be a full fledged film and had a baby with Serendipity it would be this movie.  It’s your classic chick flick, and it’s not the worst of its kind, so if that’s your thing then it’s definitely, maybe, worth picking up.  And if you found my review to contradict itself at times, then you definitely, maybe (okay, I’ll stop now), need to see it to understand what I’m talking about.


  1. nice n accurate review…but more than the ending I didn’t like the way the kid guessed her mother. It was as if she was herself watching the movie not just hearing the story.

    • Haha, yeah, I almost forgot about that part! I was like “what?” He didn’t even talk about that before and she’s all “that’s how I figured it out! I’m sooooo smart!” If they had reworked the ending, it could have been a pretty decent film. Too bad.

  2. i really thought the movie was weird. definitely cheesy as you said.. lol!

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