#15: Happy-Go-Lucky

September 3, 2009

happy_go_luckyI rented Happy-Go-Lucky a couple days ago from a redbox because, well, I’d heard great things and it sounded cute.  Well, I told you to expect a litmus test for my soul in the near future and the verdict is: I know longer have one.

So what’s it about?: Nothing really.  A few months in the life of a “happy-go-lucky” chick.  Who manages to allow no chaos to ensue whatsoever.

The Good: Sally Hawkins does a really good job at becoming a character that you can totally picture actually being out there in the world.  In fact, the entire cast does a great job, and the characters are very realistic.  As well as the story.  I could totally imagine this being based off of a memoir or something (but it isn’t)

The Bad: Of course it isn’t based off of a memoir though, because a memoir this boring would never be published.  And while this film is touted as being about an optimist, apparently optimists are annoying, in-your-face, and have no sense of fashion whatsoever.  Okay, we get it, she’s quirky, but seriously, can she wear something that doesn’t look like it was a curtain at some point.  This isn’t Sound of Music.  But even if she had been the most interesting, loveable character that reviews somehow saw when they viewed this film, the movie is still about NOTHING.  And, yes, I like some movies that are just about peoples lives (see Sunshine Cleaning) but they at least have cohesion and even the smallest semblence of a point.  This had random scenes hashed together that were apparently supposed to make the viewer feel optimistic and happy.  But no, it just made me feel like if that was optimism, then by all means give me pessimism.  Because the alternative is just annoying.

The Verdict: Unless you want to spend 2 hours watching what is essentially the movie equivalent of an annoying person’s diary, skip this film.

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