#14: THE Final Destination

September 2, 2009

thefinaldestinationOr Final Destination: Death Trip… or whatever it’s being called now.  Whatever, I’ll just stick to Final Destination 4, because, let’s face it, if they didn’t have to worry about the whole Final Destination 4 3-D problem, that’s what it would have been called.

So what’s it about?: A normal guy (who thankfully is not trying to pass as a high schooler) sees a huge accident before it happens and manages to save a small group of people from the destruction. However, Death doesn’t like it when people stand him up and thus ensues chaos amongst the survivors… in 3-D!

The Good: Well, this franchise was meant to be seen in 3-D.  Because it is AWESOME.  Like, at one point, I actually flinched in my seat from the affect, it is that cool.  And the deaths, while mostly recycled, are pretty cool.  And, while they aren’t the greatest actors in the world, this is definitely the best looking cast so far, and frankly, who cares about the acting when you know they’re going to die anyway!  Also, best use of opening/closing credits ever.  And as an added bonus, the new amped up orchestration of the theme is really cool.

The Bad: Hands down the most laughable script not only in the franchise, but possibly of all time.  I kid you not, the script contained lines as stupid and useless as “Oh look, here comes Nick with our stuff” in case you couldn’t figure that out from him coming into the shot… with the stuff.  It got to the point where I didn’t know who to blame: the writers or the actors.  But, hey, it doesn’t really matter and they all realize that, and luckily it never got to the point where they seemed like they really didn’t want to be there, which kept it entertaining and light-hearted, which is perfect for the FD series.

The Verdict: If you’re a fan of the Final Destination series, and more specifically a fan of the more comedic side of the franchise, then def go see it in theatres, because you HAVE to see it in 3-D.  And here’s hoping for a fifth one!

Also, in a new record for, well, my entire life, I managed to see Inglourious Basterds again today (and, yes, it is still amazing the second go round), making a day full of 5 movies!  Albeit, very bloody, violent, gruesome movies that all manage to make a sport out of watching people die horribly.  I see sappy, feel-good chick flicks in my future to test if I still have a soul.

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