#11-13: Final Destination 1-3

September 2, 2009

final_destinationSO!  In an awesome attempt to cheat Death, I decided to watch all 4 Final Destinations in a row… but since I’ve already seen the first three, I mixed it up and watched them backwards.  And since they are basically the same movie (no really, they are) I figured they should all get one post.

So what are they about?: Main character (a high schooler played by someone closer to 30 than 18) sees a huge accident before it happens and manages to save a small group of people from the destruction.  However, Death doesn’t like it when people stand him up and thus ensues chaos amongst the survivors.

The Good: The deaths.  Forget about the story, the deaths are the only reason to see these films.  Especially the long drawn out ones where you have no clue what’s gonna happen.  And now I sound really sadistic… awesome.  But another reason why I like this horror franchise more than any other is because dying in a “freak” accident is a lot scarier than being killed by a serial killer.  So take that Michael Myers.  But, really, even with the cheesiest dialogue and acting in a film ever, you will still leave a viewing and find yourself discovering “signs”.

The Bad: Well, the acting, the writing, the storyline, pretty much anything that makes a good film good is, well, lacking in these films.

The Verdict: Sure, they’re kind of lacking, but man are they entertaining.  And when you’re walking down the street and you hear the light rail voice over go “This is the final destination” you will definitely freeze in your tracks (no joke, this happened to me today, right after number 4).  And after much thought and deliberation, I’m gonna have to go with the original as my fav, though number 3 takes a close second.

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