#10: Taking Woodstock

August 29, 2009

takingwoodstockWell, it’s August 28 which means two movies came out that I’ve been waiting for what seems life forever to see:  The Final Destination (don’t ask) and Taking Woodstock.  Well, since today my mom wanted to see a movie as well, and would go see G-Force before seeing a purely popcorn horror flick, we saw Taking Woodstock.

So what’s it about?: Based on Elliot Tiber’s memoirs, Taking Woodstock is basically the story of a man who decides to host the Woodstock concert in order to pay the bills.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: Well, the main reason I was looking forward to this film is because it basically contains all of my favorite actors in one film: Jonathan Groff, Emile Hirsch, Skylar Astin, Paul Dano.  That list alone would get me into the theater even if this was a film about reading from the phonebook.  And for the most part, the acting was awesome.  And mad props to Imelda Staunton and Henry Goodman, who played Elliot’s parents, for being the hands down best part of this film.  Seriously, if the movie had been solely about them it would have been amazing!  And there was one really cool continous shot a little over halfway through the film, but honestly it wasn’t near the amazingness that is the Beach Scene in Atonement.  But still pretty cool.

The Bad: Sadly, Demetri Martin, while doing an admirable job at a somewhat boring character, was the weakest in a group of stellar actors.  Honestly, somebody else could have done a better job, and Demetri Martin needs to stick to Important Things (which are def not this film).  But he definitely wasn’t the biggest problem with this movie by a long shot.  Frankly, Taking Woodstock was like watching a movie made by a kid with serious ADD.  It was ALL OVER the place.  A character would show up for five minutes, create chaos, and then leave.  And in a way I can see where this was possibly the point.  Because afterall this was a movie about Woodstock: a huge event that showed up for three days, created chaos, and then left seemingly overnight, but leaving a huge impression on history, almost (I guess) like how the characters left a huge impression in Elliot’s life.  Yeah, okay, I get that, if that was the intent.  But it results in a very choppy and disengaging film.  I had no time to connect to any of the characters except for Elliot, who was just plain boring, and his parents, who there just wasn’t enough of.  And for a movie about Woodstock, this movie had sadly a pretty lame soundtrack.  There were seriously times when I was like “Does there really need to be music here right now?”  I mean, it got to the point where it was distracting from the action.

The Verdict: Maybe this movie just wasn’t for me, but honestly for a movie about Woodstock it just didn’t seem epic enough.  It definitely leaves something to be desired, and frankly if you are really wanting to see this film, then save your money and rent the DVD (because, hey, it’ll be at a redbox oneday and then you can see it for a dollar!)

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  1. […] The Good: This film is freaking amazing.  The acting is awesome, the script is perfect, the cinematography is really cool.  Hand an Oscar to the make-up artist now.  And while your at it, give one to Mo’Nique as well, because anybody who can play the most horrible character ever written deserves one.  Gabourey Sidibe?  Where the hell did they find this chick.  She’s amazing!  And, thankfully, there are some great moments of comedy strewn in to this horror fest.  And frankly this is a movie that needed to be made.  Because, even though based on an entirely fictional novel, it is probably one of the most real feeling movies I’ve seen, even more so than movies based on actual events (like Schindler’s List and Taking Woodstock). […]

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