#7: Be Kind Rewind

August 25, 2009

be_kind_rewindSo, in an ultimate attempt to get away from WWII centric films, I decided the safest bet was a modern day comedy and chose from my DVD collection to watch Be Kind Rewind.

So what’s it about?: Guy accidentally erases all the VHS tapes in a rental shop and in order to keep business up and running, him and his friend decide to film all the tapes over using themselves, and whoever they can get.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: The “Sweded” films are kind of hilarious, almost like a live action, longer, less funny version of the Bunny reenactments over at Angry Alien Productions.

The Bad: The whole premise was pretty lame.  Not only are you supposed to make me believe that a man can survive electrocution, or that the human body can become magnetized enough to delete an entire store of VHS tapes, or that said magnetization can leave the body through urine, but I’m also supposed to believe that there is an entire community out there that as of 2008 did not own a DVD player.  HA!  This movie seemed like somebody had a really good idea for a YouTube channel, but instead decided to build a flimsy storyline around it and make it into another cheesy community comes together to save a failing business piece of bull crap that I’ve been fed a thousand times before.  Better luck next time guys, stick to the YouTube channel.

The Verdict: Unless you are a crazy stalker fan of Jack Black or Mos Def, pass on this film.  Instead, go to YouTube and search for “sweded” and basically you’ll get the gist of the film without the cheap excuse for a plot.

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