#6: Schindler’s List

August 24, 2009

schindlers_listSo I was inspired by the fact that I just placed the poster to this film in my lovely new header (this is the part where you go “ooooh pretty”) and decided to watch Schindler’s List.  Which turned out to be crazy appropriate because it is literally the anti-Inglourious Basterds.

So what’s it about?: Member of the Nazi party uses cheap Jewish labor to profit from the war only to grow a conscience.  Real life chaos ensues… in black and white!

The Good: Visually, this movie had some beautiful shots, even in black and white.  And it’s probably the most realistic film I’ve yet to see based around the Holocaust, the black and white enhancing this further, as if you were seeing those horrifying photos we’ve all seen over the years come to life on screen.  And the last 50 minutes were suspenseful, emotional, and all together amazing.  Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson did superb jobs in their roles, and their scenes together were definitely the highlight of the first 2+ hours.  Especially the discussion about power.

The Bad: Where to begin?  First of all, the first 2 hours were sooooo boring.  I mean really.  Half the time I would space out from boredom and come back to reality to realize I had no idea what was going on and had absolutely no care in the world except for the nagging feeling that I am somehow as a film watcher supposed to like and admire this film.  But no, Spielberg managed to make a film about the holocaust where I was in no way emotionally involved as innocent people were gunned down or treated like animals.  And what the hell was with the girl in the red coat?  I mean seriously, I came up with various defenses for her appearance, but honestly she seemed more like a plea from Spielberg saying “this movie is artistic so give me awards!”  And while Ralph Fiennes did a superb job as the required evil Nazi, the character was useless.  He shot some people, had a heart to heart with Liam Neeson, shot some more people and then disappeared from the movie.  Then, ten minutes later, the movie actually got good.  Coincidence?  Possibly.  And the score was good for about five minutes, but after hearing the same theme 500 times, I got sick of it.

The Verdict: If you want to win an Oscar, make a film about a subject matter that no Academy member would dare vote against.  But if you’re looking for a Holocaust picture go rent Life is Beautiful and call it a day.

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