And so it begins…

August 21, 2009

What defines a movie buff?  The always reliable Urban Dictionary defines it (oh so eloquently, I might add) as “when someone is addicted to movies and actively goes to the cinema on a regular basis.”  Agreed!  However, it seems today that people reserve the term “movie buff” to those who see only the films they deem worth watching, aka well rated blockbusters, award contenders and art films.  But shouldn’t a movie buff also see the Love Guru’s and Catwoman’s as well?  I mean, a true movie buff should be able to not only rave about how great a movie like Requiem for a Dream is but also how god awful Gigli is, without just relying on what the media tells them.  So… the only way to truly become a movie buff is to see EVERYTHING.  And since that is pretty much impossible unless you can somehow watch 1,000 movies a day, well, you just need to watch as many movies as possible.

So, in an effort to become a true movie buff, I am on a mission to watch 500 movies in 1 year.  Why 500?  Because everyone and their mom can watch a movie a day, but I still have a life, so 2 movies everyday is kind of pushing it.  The 500 films will be in theatres, on DVD, made-for-TV movies, streaming on Hulu.com, whatever.  As long as it’s a full length feature it’s game (no offense shorts!)

Let the mission begin!

DISCLAIMER: All films watched in this project will be watched legally.  I love the film industry and in no way condone piracy or sneaking into movies.  If I see more than one film in theaters a day it’s because I got tickets to each movie.  Thank you.

One comment

  1. Good luck on your mission! I’m doing 100 in 31 days myself, but I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep up that pace over a full year.

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