#1: A Perfect Getaway

August 21, 2009

a_perfect_getawayTo start off the project I headed to the obvious place to start: a movie theater!  And seeing as how A Perfect Getaway is the only film I haven’t seen no longer playing at my local theater tomorrow, I figured what better film to start off a triple feature than that one.

So what’s it about?: Basically a newlywed couple is on their honeymoon in Hawaii, run into another couple of couples, hear about a fourth couple who was recently murdered on their honeymoon by yet another couple (confused yet?).  Chaos ensues.

The Good: It takes place in nature in Hawaii, so it’s beautiful!  And for a thriller (well, I guess it’s a thriller… more on that later) the acting was, well, watchable.

The Bad: Okay, so this movie was confused from the previews!  I mean a conglomerate of trailers for horror films and chick flicks when this film was maybe a thriller, but without the thrills.  But that can be forgiven.  What can’t be forgiven is the fact that this entire movie was one glorified build-up with no pay off!  Lots of talk, not a lot of action.  And just before the “big climax” where they actually give you a little (albeit very little) thrills, they have to spoon feed an entire backstory to you in a dramatic almost black-and-white sequence that would maybe be surprising if it wasn’t so predictable!  As it turns out, movies like this that rely on a twist are a dime a dozen nowadays, so when you see one you are suspecting a twist, and in this case it was easy to figure out.  In fact, if they had gone with the most obvious outcome it would have surprising.  Go figure!

The Verdict: Wait for the DVD… if you really must see it, but at least watch it on an HD tv so you can take in the full effect of the scenery, because it really was the best part of the film.

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