#4: Shorts

August 21, 2009

shortsWell, today I got off work early (and conveniently enough I work at a movie theater!) so I decided to see the next movie starting: Shorts.  Which, if you didn’t know, is a kid movie.  ‘Nuff said.

So what’s it about?: Boy finds rock that grants the holder wishes.  Chaos ensues.

The Good: For one, the structure was very unique for a kid movie.  The title is Shorts not because the main character is vertically challenged or a fan of the clothing article but because the film is comprised of five (well… six) short stories that tie together into one full length feature.  Which is kind of cool.  And these shorts are told out of chronological order, which I am a huge fan of.  Also, while a lot of the humor is juvenile (an entire “episode” is based around a giant booger) I actually found myself laughing a lot more than expected (and a lot more than the actual kids in the audience, I might add).  But the greatest part of the film was the acting by the adults.  This is often times the downside to kid movies, especially in those Disney Channel original movies, where the adult acting is so god awful it often times makes the rest of the movie almost look good.  But Shorts contained a cast of adults like James Spader, William H. Macy and Leslie Mann who are able to pull off the high energy acting without overdoing it.

The Bad: The shorts of Shorts actually ran too long for me.  They really could have cut them down, perhaps added more, and really made it good.  Episode Zero in the film is the shortest and also in my opinion the most entertaining.  Also, while the ending itself was amusing, the resolution was weak and cringe-worthy, and nearly ruined the movie.

The Verdict: Director Robert Rodriguez also directed the Spy Kids trilogy, and you can see a lot of similarities, so I say if you like them go see Shorts.  Or else just rent it for the kids when it comes out on DVD.

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