#3: Ponyo

August 21, 2009

ponyoFinally, to finish off today’s triple feature, I saw the brand new Miyazaki film Ponyo.  And first off, I would like to say that this film was nothing like what I expected because frankly I had no idea Noah Cyrus was a girl!  Seriously, though, who names their daughter Noah?

So what’s it about?: Basically it’s a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid with a Disney ending… in anime.

The Good: Well, it’s a Miyazaki film so naturally it’s beautiful with a touch of fantasy.  And overall it’s a nice retelling of a classic fairytale without being too morbid or super sweet.  And it had some genuine laughs and pretty much kept me entertained, which is always a plus.

The Bad: There are a lot of problems I have with the films produced by Studio Ghibli and that is their take on love.  I had this in Spirited Away and I have this problem with Ponyo especially as it’s gotten worse.  5 year old children can not, nor should they be expected to, fall in love with each other.  Seriously.  Maybe this is just a case of translation problems, or maybe culture differences, I don’t know.  Also, Liam Neeson’s voice did not fit his character and was really distracting.  And what’s with girls in Miyazaki films SCREAMING ALL THE TIME.  And don’t stay for the end credits because that song is annoying.

The Verdict: If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, it’s worth seeing, but if you’ve already waited a year to see it dubbed in English, I recommend wait another 6 months until you can rent the DVD.

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